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Fix water pressure problems

The residents of Newfileds have been suffering for months with unmanageable reduced water pressure, and at times with the water completely shut off without any prior warning or reasons given. The residents demand a realistic water pressure supply throughout the day.

Created: 2022-01-07 Statistics

MI7 Security to Service Wartburg and Surrounding Areas

Good day everyone. This is a Petition for all those who welcome Mi7 into Wartburg and Surrounding Areas. We  believe that MI7 can and will make difference in our Communities together with forming a Coalition, with our local Security companies.  The Objective is to improve on the Security and Safety of all our residents. Mi7 offers us Advanced Security measures, which will help make our communities a safer and a better place to live in.  Let your voice be Heard by agreeing and signing this Petiti

Created: 2022-05-14 Statistics

Petition against the HPCSA lack of support to dietitians/nutritionist

Lack of support for evidenced based nutritional information is a struggle for Dietitians in South Africa. The lay public is being flooded with nutrition advice from individuals that are:  1. Not an accredited health professional, specifically nutrition health professionals such as registered dietitians or nutritionist. 2. Promote themselves as nutritionists, sports nutritionist, nutrition specialists etc without any accreditation or registration with the HPCSA.    In addition to this, the rights

Created: 2022-08-01 Statistics

#UJVaccineResistance (Allow Online Learning For the Unvaccinated)

The implementation of mandatory vaccinations at the Univetsity of Johannesburg to access education not only confines students to possible effects caused by the vaccine, but as well as lack of choice to their own health preferences. We - the students are the consumers of this prestigious education for which we pay hundreds of thousands to access therefore, we are in control. We request that those who do not wish to vaccinate be allowed to complete their studies online.  #WeWillNotComply #Freedomo

Created: 2021-12-15 Statistics

Call For a SAHPA Special General Meeting (SGM)

Request by members for directors of [SAHPA – SOUTH AFRICAN HANG GLIDING AND PARAGLIDING ASSOCIATION ] to call a special general meeting The members signing this document request that the directors of [SAHPA – SOUTH AFRICAN HANG GLIDING AND PARAGLIDING ASSOCIATION] call and arrange to hold a general meeting of the corporation to consider the resolutions listed below. The members signing this document nominate [Ronnie Beukes and Zenti Bishop] to be the contact members for this request. Proposed r

Created: 2022-01-28 Statistics

Vodacom tower power failure Zastron

We need Vodacom to upgrade and maintain our tower. Going 5 days per month qithout reception is unacceptable,  and our small community depends on their reception.     Also Telkom, and CellC uses their tower, and when Vodacom is offline  or tower is failing,  so are the other networks.    Lets teem up, as Vodacom is the leading and most supported network in our community.   

Created: 2022-02-14 Statistics

Urgent: Speedbumps required in Dakota Street, Verster Street, Alberton and Aberdeen Street

There is a critical requirement for speedbumps in Dakota Street as motorists are not keeping to the speed limit, endagering the lives of residents, their children, pets as well as pedestrians. Dakota Street used to be a quiet, residential street but nowadays people are speeding up and down the road on their way to or from the school. Pets have been hit by cars, residents have difficulty getting out of their driveways and pedestrians often have to quickly get out of the way of speeding vehicles-

Created: 2022-05-10 Statistics

Tzaneen Load Reduction Challenges

We, as affected Greater Tzaneen municipality communities (mhlaba jb, sasekani moime,khujwana,lephephane,tickyline, dan, bokgaga, parts of Burgersdorp & other affected communities), we are hereby complaining about unfair and rudeness of Load Reduction..   We suffer 8 hours Reduction everyday whereby you implement it in a crucial times which is 05:00 to 09:00 & 17:00 to 21:00.   Our CHALLENGES: 1. We are unable to prepare for the school and work in the morning. 2. We are unable to do schoo

Created: 2021-11-23 Statistics

#we bring home-affairs to knysna

We as a community of knynsa,we are in desperate of home affairs as alot of us is struggling. We are a growing population but we are struggling with the elevation of unemployment as well,this making it hard to go to home affairs as for transportation. We are asking of the government to bring home affairs to knysna,by any means either mobile van I building ,but we as a community are in need of a home affairs close by.    

Created: 2022-05-13 Statistics

Give us an alternative!

Antonio and Jay-waan entered the Full House Music competition where they end in 2nd position according to the votes of people on fb. Because Jay-waan was in contact with a person that was tested positive for Covid and have to isolate he can't attend the Final show and  therefore they are "disqualified" They tried to convince the organiser of the event for a alternative but couldn't get it right. Help us by signing this petition where we ask full house to work out a alternative for them. We worke

Created: 2021-12-22 Statistics