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No to the Bulgarian involvement in military actions on the teritory of Ukraine

We, the Bulgarian people,   we do not agree Bulgaria and Bulgarian population to interfere and participate in civil and political conflicts of the third country and thus violates the sovereignty and the will of the people living on those third territories.We Insist Bulgarian Government to comply according to this statement of above and to take appropriate measures to limit such a political policy in order to express the WILL OF THE PEOPLE OF BULGARIA.

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Punishment and responsibility from Atanas Mangarov

We all know what this individual has caused with his actions of disinformation. Atanas Mangarov should be held accountable for what he did. Your signature will bring him before the court!  

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Petition to support the funding of public skate park

Ladies and gentlemen,   We, the undersigned citizens of Republic of Bulgaria, young people of Sofia and the skateboarding community of the city, are calling Sofia Municipality to provide us with the opportunity to realize our dream to skate and exercise throughout the whole year in public indoor skate park in the city of Sofia.   The benefits of the implementation of this project are significant, because the practice of this sport allows a wide range of participation - you do not need special tr

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Меден протест / Beekeper's Protest - No money No honey

Протест и петиция за изравняване на цените за износ на мед от България с Европейските стандарти Protest and petition for flatten the export price of honey from Bulgaria with the Еuropean standards     До Президента на Република България До Министър-председателя на Република България До Председателя на Народното събрание на Република България До Евродепутата Мария Габриел До всички политици и партии в Република България До Омбудсмана на Република България До всички медии в България До цялата

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Against the killing of street dogs in Smolyan

           In an interview in the local newspaper, related to the street dogs, the mayor of Smolyan informed the public that he will deal with this problem within two weeks.      Everyone familiar with the case is aware that this problem could not be solved within days unless it is approached radically, which would be illegal. Let's not forget that in 2012 in Smolyan municipality, dozens of street dogs were poisoned, there were published materials in the media about their annihilation on the ter

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A PETITION against that disgrace, called a law for the cultural heritage (2009)

The acting Law for the Cultural Heritage in Bulgaria (enacted on April 10, 2009) turned up to be a disgraceful and shameful stain that inflicted irreversible damage to the cultural patrimonium of Bulgaria. It is unconstitutional act that trample our rights of free citizens and contradicts to the EU legal norms and standards. In many cases this law is unclear, inadequate, inapplicable and leads to absurd interpretations at court. In practice it destroyed the numismatics and free collecting of coi

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Сити Марк Арт Център се нуждае от Вашата подкрепа!

ПРИЗИВПритеснени от възможността да бъде блокирана и по същество ликвидирана дейността на един от най-модерните културни центрове на столицата и без да правим обобщения от подобен унизяващ  правдата и достойнството случай като този на семейство Кирови, се обръщаме към Главния прокурор, Висшите съдебни инстанции и Правителството на РБ с призив да се сложи край на опита за съдебна измама, а виновните да получат наказание! Молим желаещите да подкрепят призива ни да добавят имената си към нашите:Рус

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For free collecting and free numismatics in Bulgaria

This is a brief summary of a Civil petition addressed to the Minister of Culture of Repubic of Bulgaria.  

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BGEXIT from Everything Thrusted Upon Us To the EU, NATO, Bulgarian government, all European and world nations and most of all the Bulgarian people. We, the Bulgarian people, are for sovereign nations states that work and trade together in a liberal, voluntary cooperation and collaboration with all cultures, in contrary to dishonourable membership of organisations bearing unclear or corrupt purpose and intentions. Bulgaria's membership in EU and NATO is illegitimate because of at least the foll

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  Приятели,Благодарим ви за подкрепата! С нашата петиция привлякохме вниманието на много хора, неправителствени организации и държавни и културни институции, в резултат на което кметът на Велико Търново е заявил категорично, че няма да се закрива Младежкия Дом. Без вас нямаше да успеем! Dear friends,Thank you all for your support! Our petition attracted the attention of many people, nongovernmental organisations and state and cultural institutions as a result of which the Mayor of Veliko Turnovo

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