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No Golf Course Contract for S-G II Association

As a homeowner in the S-G II Association, I am signing this petition to object to the signing of a golf course contract between the S-G II Association and Sterling Golf Inc. The golf course located at 16500 Houston National Blvd, Houston, TX 77095 is not connected to any of our properties in the Association. It is of no value to me or my property. This contract is not in the best interest of our Association as a whole. 

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New Zealand Flower Farmers deserve fairer treatment and consideration. Support contactless deliveries for cut flowers through level 3 and 4 Delta lockdown.

Our local cut flower growing industry is sinking fast! From small family farms to larger operations, all have been forced to destroy a heartbreaking amount of their beautiful blooms. Level 4 Delta has left the cut flower farming community at a breaking point - financially, physically and emotionally - even though there are many ways to distribute their flowers safely.   Listen to Ella Stewarts report on our industry with Aila and Christy and the way this has affected their production and a possi

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Restart Ongoing Development of New Content for the DCCG "The Elder Scrolls: Legends"

Those signing this petition ask Bethesda Softworks LLC, Zenimax Media and Microsoft Corporation to restart ongoing development on the digital collectible card game "The Elder Scrolls: Legends".  We realize all necessary responsibilities and actions to see this done are controlled solely by those members of one or more of the entities mentioned above who can legally make financial and other resource decisions regarding "The Elder Scrolls: Legends". The reason for this is simply that those signing

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2nd Chance at Life

My name is Tyler Holmes, an African-American man who fought to become successful while many obstacles were trying to keep me from living up to my full potential. My story and my help could inspire and aid anyone that has been in a bad position or sucked into the justice system and simply need a second chance in life. Currently, I am the CEO of Ty’s TV Mounting & Home Services, the Founder of 2nd Chance LLC., and a Youth Mentor of Boys2Men, etc. Yet, due to past incidents with the law, to the

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Stand up… NO Mask Mandates in Schools!

Depending on what School District you’re in, Masks will likely be coming back into play, if they haven’t already!? Not to mention all the other protocols they keep changing, only to find it’s not mandated by our State. They are using “GUIDANCE” to dictate our children’s education.  Most of us have seen the MANY studies done showing how ineffective these masks and other protocols are in controlling the spread of COVID and how ineffective they are in keeping people from getting sick! In fact, many

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Parents and citizens, it's time to put your foot down and take a stand against ALL Mandates. This power grab going on all around us will not stop without your support. Please take the time to sign this petition. We are losing our rights to make our own choices for our families. Parents, say "NO" to forcing your children to do ANYTHING against your will. Citizens, help fight for all of our rights to make our own choices, now and for the future. MY CHILD MY CHOICE needs to fight and we need everyo

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Support for Jim Childs Appointment as Business Rep to NANDC

Please indicate your support as a NANDC stakeholder for the reappointment of Jim Childs to the NANDC Board for the open at large "Business Representative" position by signing this petition. 

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Tehaleh Residents Against 7-11 and Wendys coming to Tehaleh neighborhood

We, the undersigned, 18 years of age, or older, citizens and/or owners of property of Tehaleh/Bonney Lake, Washington request that 7-11 and Wendys are not permitted to be built in the proposed development that resides in Tehaleh. They do not fit the need or look and feel of the area.  These establishments would be considered a hindrance, and we ask that if a commercial tenant is approved that it meets the standard that it resides in. 

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Santa Clara Citizens in Support of Brian Doyle

Friendly, pro-49er Santa Clara councilmembers: Anthony Becker, Suds Jain, Kevin Park, and Raj Chahal have all called for a special city council meeting this Wednesday (Sept 1).  Their agenda involves voting and removing Santa Clara city attorney Brian Doyle from his job. The 49ers have already expressed dislike and their want for Doyle to be gone so the lawsuits the city has against them will go away. Doyle has done nothing but support the city's best interests, and fought against the 49ers lies

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Exempt Students From Chapel Fines Due To The Delta Variant

After emailing back and forth with Olivet Nazarene University's Student Development, COVID Task Force, and Vice President Woody Web, the clear answer to what is being done for students who are uncomfortable attending mandatory chapel while the Delta Variant is imminent is: Nothing.  Exemptions will not be allowed if a student is not comfortable, meaning students will continue to be issued fines for not being in attendance.  This is, in essence, fining students for doing what is best for their pe

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