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Help create a Colorado License plate to Support West Point

The West Point societies of Denver and of the Pikes Peak Region and the West Point Parents Club of Colorado are trying to raise awareness of the nation's premier Leadership institution. Having a special license plate will help recognize those who have attended or are attending West Point. Funding derived from the sale of these plates will be used within Colorado on programs such as Denver Society's Leadership and Ethics Seminar for teenagers. Having access to own a Support West Point Special lic

Created: 2017-12-06 Statistics

Stop Dollar General Corporation from putting in a Dollar General Store in Rainbow Valley!

Let your voices be heard by Joy Rich, Maricopa County Manager, over Planning and Development Department, Darren Gerard, AICP, Deputy Director, Department of Planning and Development, Farhad Tavassoli, Planner, Planning and Development Services and Steve Gallardo, District 5 Board of Supervisor of Maricopa County, Arizona. We the people of the community of Rainbow Valley, Buckeye, Arizona 85326, are opposed to the proposed Maricopa County Planning & Development Department Case #Z2017105 – "D

Created: 2017-12-01 Statistics

Petition to bring back Clayne Crawford in Lethal Weapon

If you are fans of Clayne Crawford and fans of Lethal weapon, please sign this petition to try to get Clayne back into the game To get Riggs back Because there is no show and no Lethal Weapon  without Clayne Crawford and Martin Riggs

Created: 2018-11-01 Statistics

The teaching of Classical Archaeology and Ancient Culture at the University of Helsinki must continue!

The Dean of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Helsinki has announced that the long-standing lectureship in Classical Archaeology and Ancient Culture will not be filled when its current holder retires this year. Those of us who have signed this petition plead that a new lector should be chosen to fill the position and continue its vital academic mission. The lectureship is crucial to the academic integrity of the university, as the teaching of Graeco-Roman material culture not only support

Created: 2018-05-11 Statistics

Bellalago Traffic Light Petition

Too many drivers speed by our community on a daily basis endangering the lives of others. My daughter was in a severe car accident yesterday. The accident could have been fatal.  She almost lost her life due to a reckless and dangerous speedy driver.It was only by the grace of God that she is alive. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else. We need a traffic light at the Bellalago front entrance to insure the safety of our residents, visitors and workers. I hope that everyone will join me by s

Created: 2018-04-21 Statistics

Justice for Mary Hoage!

Mary has been the manager of Kwik Shop #662 on S. 56th and South st. For 5yrs. This past week she was fired. All while just finding out her husband was dealing with Cancer. On Friday Nov.9th she found out that the surgery for her husband got all the cancer and he doesn't need chemo and he got to go home that day as well. It should've been a day for celebration. She came into work so happy! The next thing we know she was fired because of poor moral! Really? How would you be when dealing with all

Created: 2018-11-10 Statistics

Lowering MTA Transit Fares Due to Delays.

Us as New Yorkers are constantly experiencing delays and many find it an issue that must be resolved. In order for progress to be made, I believe transit fares should be decreased. This petition is to share not one, but many people’s voice on the same, similar idea(s). 

Created: 2018-01-16 Statistics

Refunds of Orkambi in Poland - medicine for Cystic fibrosis

National Health Fund Office: 02-390 Warszawa ul. Grójecka 186  Office of President of National Health Fund Elżbieta Zahaczewska-Wyroba p.o. Dyrektora Gabinetu Prezesa Social Communication Office Sylwia Wądrzyk-Bularz p.o. Dyrektora Biura Komunikacji Społecznej, Spokesperson for the Department of Health Care BenefitsWojciech Zawalski Director of Department of Health Care Benefits Ministry of Health Minister of Health Mr. Lukasz Szumowski  Miodowa 15 00-952 Warszawa  Vertex Pharmaceuticals (Europe

Created: 2017-04-13 Statistics

Free Hindu Temples In India

At present, various state governments of India manage the administration of thousands of Hindu temples, both small and large. No such practice exists anywhere among secular democracies. Even in India, Muslim and Christian places of worship are exempt from government control. Every Hindu is likely to get a decent religious education, better facilities, better treatment and improved services if the temples are managed by the local Hindu communities where they exist. There is a long list of undesir

Created: 2018-04-30 Statistics

Petition in favor of American Dream Miami Shopping, Dining, Cultural and Family Entertainment Center

We ask people living in South Florida (especially Miami Dade County residents) to please electronically sign attached petition, indicating you support American Dream.  --------------------------------------------- PETITION IN THE STRONG SUPPORT OF THE AMERICAN DREAM PROJECT I live in Florida.I live in the vicinity of American Dream economic development project. See American Dream rendering above.My full name, address, e mail is listed on this petitionI am well briefed on the details and how bea

Created: 2017-02-27 Statistics