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Stop the Genocide in Bahrain

Subject: Please sign and save lives of Bahraini Protesters What is the story behind Bahrain? Most of the Middle Eastern countries are ruled by dictators. The miracle of awakening started form Tunisia and then went all the way to Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Bahrain. This awakening led to the departure of Ben Ali of Tunisia and then Mubarak of Egypt. And now it is the turn of Gaddafi of Libya. Fortunately European and American countries have after much pressure applied no fly zone in Libya. I hope th

Created: 2011-04-02

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 343 74
2011 339 73

Signature Campaign: Protest the Attack against Carlos the Jackal

    TO THE FRENCH MINISTRY OF JUSTICE THROUGH THE MEDIUM OF EMBASSY OF FRANCE IN TURKEYISTANBUL SUBJECT: THE ATTACK AGAINST ILICH RAMIREZ SANCHEZ (CARLOS THE JACKAL)1. Ilich Ramirez Sanchez (Carlos the Jackal), who dedicated all his life to the struggle against the imperialist and zionist attacks and raises the banner of “Palestine, one, indivisible from Jordan to the Mediterranean” from his cell in the French Prison of Poissy and demonstrates that the struggle should go on

Created: 2011-02-19

Time period All countries Turkey
All time 331 290
2011 328 287

ბატონო პრეზიდენტო, ვეტო დაადეთ ანტიკონსტიტუციურ კანონპროექტს!!

ჩვენ, საქართველოს მოქალაქეები, ვუერთდებით არასამთავრობო ორგანიზაციების „სამართლიანი არჩევნებისა და დემოკრატიის საერთაშორისო საზოგადოების“ ISFED, საქართველოს ახალგაზრდა იურისტთა ასოციაციის, „საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველოს“, კოალიციის  -„არჩევანის თავისუფლება“ და ფონდ - „ღია საზოგადოება საქართველოს“ მიმართვას და მოვითხოვთ: ვეტო დაადოთ "მოქალაქეთა პოლიტიკური გაერთიანებების შესახებ" საქართველოს ორგანულ კანონში 2011 წლის 28 დეკემბერს შეტანილ ანტიკონსტიტუციური ცვლილებებს და მოტივირებული შენ

Created: 2011-12-28

Time period All countries Georgia
All time 329 288
2011 323 283

反對中大清潔工被強行調遷 聯署行動

中大爆出清潔工人遭剝削事件,多名工友被無理調遷,抗爭後隨即遭抽後算賬,孤立無援,急需你的支持。 歡迎中大各位同學、教職員、校友、職員加入聯署!亦歡迎所有市民加入聯署!注意:中大同學聯署時可於First Name報上院系級,於Last Name報上姓名! 詳情可參考中大學生報「中大清潔工友抗爭號外」,已有詳細報導: 中大學生會關注清潔工人被強行調遷事件聯署聲明 近日,有四十多名中大清潔工友聯署反對主管部門強行調遷。在該政策下,工友被迫遷往新環境,熟悉新的服務對​像,喪失與拍檔的默契,如此種種皆令工友身心俱疲[註1]。清潔​工友日常工作已承受沉重壓力,不但工作環境惡劣,亦難以​得到尊重。可是管理層卻未見體恤,以行政效率為由推行工​友強烈反對的調遷。本會現呼籲各位同學加入聯署支持工友​,要求校方撤回政策。 這群工友來自物業管理處(EMO)室內清潔組,該組​負責清潔非教學樓。五月尾,室內清潔組助理經理黎凱珊在​無諮詢的情況下通知工友會強行調遷,工友需接受強制抽籤​,中籤工友將被即時調走,以後每兩年一次抽籤。六月初,​室內清潔組54人中有43人聯署反對

Created: 2011-07-22

Time period All countries Hong Kong S.A.R., Ch
All time 318 263
2011 317 262


Created: 2011-07-04

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 316 124
2011 316 124

Jaguar at Los Angeles Zoo needs bigger space

I recently spent  a few hours in front of the Jaguar exhibit at the Los Angeles zoo filming the Jaguar pacing frantically back and forth in this substandard tiny enclosure. People who wandered up to his cage were consistant in their comments about how small the cage was for this big cat, and how miserable he appeared to be. At times he would jump up on his tiny shelf and stare at the sky through the mesh bars at the top.Then he was down and pacing the cage again. Although I am not a fan of zoo

Created: 2011-03-08

Time period All countries United States
All time 409 302
2011 316 252

5D Mark III (3D, 6D) Demands

UPDATE 2/3/2012: WE GOT WHAT WE WANTED: THANK YOU MAEDAA!!!!!!!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To: Canon Inc., Japan Attn: Mr. Masaya Maeda Director and Chief Executive of Image Communication Products Operations. Dear Mr. Maeda, All of the undersigned hereby respectfully request your fucking attention for the following:

Created: 2011-02-10

Time period All countries United States
All time 331 123
2011 315 116

Save From Closure

Dear The Internet/Anons We ask you to save The Pirate Bay, save the Internet, and stop companies controlling the Internet because they have a 'legal team.' The Pirate Bay is a search engine that indexes torrent files. Just like Google, The Pirate Bay allows users to search for files, and then find them.  On 17 April 2009, Peter Sunde, Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm and Carl Lundström all co-founders of the The Pirate Bay were found guilty of assistance to copyright infringement and sente

Created: 2010-11-28

Time period All countries United States
All time 948 384
2011 305 104

blink-182 European Tour Summer 2011

We are true and loyal blink-182 fans from all over the world who have already bought expensive festival tickets just to see our favorite band, paid for booking flights, hotel rooms, visa, requested day-offs, spent double money on eBay for the sold out dates. "It is with heavy hearts that we have to announce our planned 2011 European Summer tour has been rescheduled [to Summer 2012]. When we booked the tour last year, we were confident that we would have the new album out before the Summer. Turns

Created: 2011-04-19

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 303 133
2011 303 133

Sack Roger Helmer MEP

This is a petition against Roger Helmer's views on rape, as stated on We find them offensive and degrading to both genders. These comments are hurtful, regressive, and damaging to victims of rape. By signing this petition we ask that Roger Helmer MEP is removed from his post.

Created: 2011-05-23

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 302 279
2011 300 278

to ask the IGU to change the venue of the next Regional Meeting

TO THE INTERNATIONAL GEOGRAPHICAL COMMUNITY As it has been informed recently, the next IGU Regional Conference (14-18 November, 2011) will take place in the Military School based in Santiago de Chile. As critical geographers we are surprised by this, since this School is pointed at as one of the operational bases of the bloody Chilean dictatorship (1973-1990). The Military School General Bernardo O’Higgins was a centre of torture and murder according to the two most important official reports on

Created: 2011-01-10

Time period All countries Canada
All time 298 75
2011 298 75