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North West Kent Lions

EllenorLions Hospices are planning to drop the name 'Lions' from their title. If you agree that the local Lions Club members' past efforts in building the Hospice, working for the benefit of the patients for over thirty years, and continuing to do so, warrant ongoing recognition by keeping 'Lions' in the company name, please register your support here.

Created: 2014-06-25

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 838 813
2014 830 806

Manifesto for the truth on electronic cigarette

The signatories of this Manifesto for the truth on electronic cigarette make reservations on information conveyed since a few weeks by Quebecers media. The disposable electronic cigarette (DEC) is getting increasing attention in Quebec, as does the personal vaporizer (PV).  Unfortunately, they are both frowned, thanks to disinformation and propaganda. We invite the media and government, medical and community stakeholders to get more thorough information before doing any more harm to a tool that

Created: 2014-08-14

Time period All countries Canada
All time 853 659
2014 825 643

Keep john Quinlan working for the beechwood playscheme

Wirral Borough Council have decided to make cut backs to our local play scheme on the Beechwood, known to many as the Ford Estate, and have made their choice to remove John Quinlan from this centre and place him into another centre on the north end off Birkenhead so a part time worker can take his position. John Quinlan has served in the local community for 27 years as a play scheme worker, and is a well respected member of this community we are all very shocked and upset to hear of this poor

Created: 2014-03-20

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 811 804
2014 811 804

Rod Stewart

Please sign a petition for ROD STEWART to become a SIR! After, 50 years in showbusiness, he sure deserves one!! He, also does loads of charity work too. Please sign up, for ROD!! thanks x

Created: 2014-08-03

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 815 564
2014 810 561

KAFFITÁR áfram í Leifsstöð - keep KAFFITÁR in Keflavik airport

Við undirrituð lýsum yfir óánægju með að Kaffitári sé gert að loka kaffihúsi í Leifsstöð. Kaffitár selur afbragðs kaffi og meðlæti, veitir góða þjónustu og er vinsæll viðkomustaður ferðalanga sem leið eiga um flugstöðina. Við mótmælum ógegnsæju útboðsferli sem virðist lítið sem ekkert tillit taka til vinsælda og ánægju flugfarþega Leifsstöðvar með Kaffitár. Svo virðist sem öll áhersla á komandi breytingar flugstöðvarinnar snúi að hagnaðarvon rekstraraðila, en ekki skoðunum og þægindum flugfarþeg

Created: 2014-10-03

Time period All countries Iceland
All time 812 695
2014 804 687

Canoe Wales Open Access

To the board of Canoe Wales We support Open Access in Wales: You have supported this and must continue to do so. We expect you to represent us on access matters appropriately. We are prepared to support you when you do. We expect you to adhere to your polices on access visibly and act in the interests of paddlesport. We will support you when you do. We all want NWWC to be a success and it will be. We will support you to do this. There is a facility at the Tryweryn: the Tryweryn is not the facil

Created: 2014-02-06

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 803 791
2014 801 789

Open letter from Ukrainians of Europe to the members of the EP

We address you with respect to alarming events, dangerous to the economic, social and political well being and stability of the European nations, which are now happening in Ukraine. The recent protests of the Ukrainian people in support of the signature of the Association Treaty, democratic development in Ukraine and calls for dialogue on the part of the opposition were not heard by the Government of Ukraine. Instead, the Ukrainian government resorted to violence, excessive use of force by th

Created: 2014-02-03

Time period All countries Ukraine
All time 801 344
2014 801 344

TRANSFORM THE CAR PARK, cnr 3rd & 7th Aves, Parktown North

ISSUED BY THE PARKTOWN NORTH RATEPAYERS' and RESIDENTS' ASSOCIATION (PNRA) Parktown North includes a property on the corner of 3rd and 7th Avenues which has for years been used as a car park. Unfortunately we have witnessed a significant deterioration in the area over the last five years: TO illegal street traders, it has become a trading venue with disregard to land-use zoning rights relating to the property and to by-laws relating to business licensing, environmental health and the like; TO th

Created: 2013-12-13

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 1008 1003
2014 791 788

East St. Paul Citizens Against R1-8 Residential Densification

There is a proposal currently before the East St. Paul Municipal council that would allow for a change in lot size from the current two lots per acre to three lots per acre. This would mean that lot sizes will change from the minimum 10,000 - 17,000 square feet per lot sizes to 8,000 square feet per lot size in any future developments in East St. Paul. This is a lot size similar to the crowded subdivisions of Winnipeg neighborhoods. There are a number of negative aspects associated with the cha

Created: 2014-02-03

Time period All countries Canada
All time 779 775
2014 779 775

AFL Ticket Pricing

To: Mr Mike Fitzpatrick, Chairman of the Commission, Australian Football League Incorporated. We, the undersigned, as Supporters and Owners of the great game of Australian Rules Football, hereby call upon the Australian Football League Commission, as custodians of Our Great Game, to revoke the current variable pricing regime for admission to AFL matches. Further, we call upon the Commission, to replace this system for Season 2015, with either: The pricing scheme used in Season 2013, OR; An alter

Created: 2014-04-19

Time period All countries Australia
All time 773 763
2014 773 763

Justice for Gaynor Fundira

We should all support Gaynor so that she is treated like any human being in the world. Everyone has a mental breakdown at one point but it does not mean that they can not live a normal life. She does not need to be sectioned for standing up for her rights. Gaynor allegedly found her husband cheating in their matrimonial home, if she was mentally disturbed she would have viciously attacked both her husband and the alleged mistress. Please sign this petition so that she is released back home and s

Created: 2014-06-03

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 770 435
2014 768 435