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2014 All time Petition nameCreated
697 698 Vallarbúar og aðrir Hafnfirðingar skora á Landsnet að flýta niðurrifi háspennulína
Við undirrituð, skorum á Landsnet, að flýta niðurrifi hásepnnulína sem liggja í grennd við Vallarhverfið í Hafnarfirði og þar með eyða þeirri óvissu sem Hafnfirðingar, ekki síst Vallarbúar, hafa búið við frá því hverfið byggðist upp....
687 687 Induct Phil Collins Into The Rock & Hall of Fame (Closed)
Phil Collins... Over 30 Years of Music, Passion and Devotion to His Fans... ****************** For His Contributions to Rock & Roll as An Innovative Drummer, Singer, Songwriter, Composer, and Performer We, His Loyal Fans And Fellow Musicians, Respectfully Request That Phil Collins Be Considered For Induction Into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame As A Solo Artist in 2015  ...
681 686 Stand Up to Ukip
Stand Up to Ukip launch statement The 2014 European Elections mark a watershed in British politics. UKIP is a right wing, racist, populist party which won over 27 percent of the vote; a  staggering 4,352,051 people voted for them and they beat the three mainstream parties. Ukip presents itself as an anti-establishment party and its leader, Nigel Farage, claims to be “a man of the people”....
674 722 STOP THE END OF RESISTANCE 1, 2 and 3
Dear Sony Entertainment Network and Insomniac Games   Please re-open the Resistance's servers We want to continue to play Resistance games, so people from all resistance , please sign this petition, and let's try our best, to keep our beloved Resistance 2 online after the closure date 08/04/2014.   We are willing to cooperate to maintain the Resistance's servers online.   Resistance was one of th...
657 657 Fair trial for Ethiopian copilot Hailemedhen Abera
Petition asking Switzerland to conduct fair trial for Ethiopian Copilot Hailemedhen Abera To : Switss Court and Justice System Fair trial for Ethiopian co pilot Hailemedhen Abera A repressive state pollutes the spirit of its people; only few are brave enough to live out through the pages of history. Copilot Hailemedhen Abera chose to breathe a clean air of a prison cell rather than his high...
653 749 Skatepark in Schaerbeek
Schaerbeek is one of the largest municipalities in Belgium (127.000 inhabitants) but still does not have a skatepark. This is surprising given that smaller municipalities such as Kraainem (13.000 inhabitants), Evere (37.000 inhabitants), Woluwe-Saint-Lambert (51.000 inhabitants) and Grimbergen (35.000 inhabitants) have one. In addition, Schaerbeek is the municipality with the highest proportion of...
653 749 Skatepark à Schaerbeek
Schaerbeek est une des plus grandes communes de Belgique (127 000 habitants) mais elle n'a toujours pas de skatepark. C'est étonnant quand on sait que de plus petites communes telles Kraainem (13 000 habitants), Evere (37 000 habitants), Woluwe-Saint-Lambert (51 000 habitants) et Grimbergen (35 000 habitants) en ont un. En outre, Schaerbeek est une des communes avec la plus grande proportion de je...
653 749 Skatepark in Schaarbeek
Schaarbeek is één van de grootste gemeenten van België (127.000 inwoners), waar bovendien meer dan één vierde van de bevolking onder de 20 jaar is. Toch heeft Schaarbeek nog steeds geen skatepark, terwijl veel kleinere gemeenten zoals Kraainem (13.000 inwoners), Evere (37.000 inwoners), Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe (51.000 inwoners) en Grimbergen (35.000 inwoners) wel één hebben.   Voorstel Wij stellen...
642 642 JUSTICE for Burmeister's sake! (Closed)
PHOT0: Burmie and his Iron Lady                       Knysna police officers (during Johann Burmeister's trial) admitted under oath in court to lying and disregarding police standing orders (national as well as station standing orders) and whose falsehoods ultimately led to Burmeister's dismissal. Why have they not also been charged and punished? Johann Burmeister was acquitted on Thursday, July 2...
640 641 Stop Worthing Crematorium removing plaques & memorabilia
It's been common practice for mourners to place small memories for their loved ones at Worthing crematorium for years. WHY NOW HAS IT COME TO THIS? Not only have they removed all our memorabilia left for our loved ones, They have left them in 2 cupboards, in a section of the car park with the DUSTBINS, (see the pics here )