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Petition against uranium mining in Kuusamo, Finland

No uranium mining in Kuusamo! There are plans to build several uranium-gold-mines in Kuusamo, southeast of Finnish Lapland. Uranium mining causes radioactive contamination of air, water and soil. The rivers, which have flown thousands of years with potable water, are in danger of getting poisoned by radioactive mining waste. We all, the undersigned, do not and will not agree to any kind of mining or building that directly or indirectly are involved in uranium production within and in the surroun

Created: 2011-09-06

Time period All countries Finland
All time 1305 510
2011 421 179

save baby jake webber!!! GENERAL HOSPITAL

Let's save jake webber before it's too late....GENERAL HOSPITAL needs to realize what a mistake they are making!!!!!!!!

Created: 2011-03-16

Time period All countries United States
All time 419 390
2011 417 388

Vodacom Signal Problems Potchefstroom

We, the community of Potchefstroom, are not happy with the poor service delivery of Vodacom in Potchefstroom.  This includes: Sending of SMS messages, which can take up to 2 days to be delivered, in which case a phone call is the only alternative Receiving text messages Dropped phone calls Calls that are unable to connect Unreliable 3G internet (mostly only GPRS\EDGE) Inability to connect to the internet Poor handling of these issues by Vodacom Customer Care This petition was created to inform V

Created: 2011-06-15

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 438 430
2011 414 406

Concerned residents of Providence Road Marietta GA

I have signed this petition on Residents concerned with the proposed Wellstar development on Providence Rd.- for the purpose of communicating: We feel a facility with the high intensity of use proposed by Wellstar is inappropriate for this property. We recognize that Cobb County as a community has needs for the services provided by Wellstar and other commercial providers. There are numerous locations currently zoned for commercial and industrial use, because the appropriate infr

Created: 2011-03-05

Time period All countries United States
All time 406 403
2011 405 402


I HUMBELY  request the government of Hungary to provided the legal stipulation for the society's continued ownership of Krsna Valley's lands in the interim period until we are again reregistered. Without your legal stipulation there will no pasture for our cows or land to grow our food. We hope we will get your valuable permission to a noble and humble cause.

Created: 2011-12-11

Time period All countries India
All time 407 226
2011 403 224

keep Wrenthorpe a village

Over 700 new houses are proposed for Wrenthorpe, to be built on agricultural land. If these developments go ahead, Wrenthorpe will become a suburb of Wakefield and cease to be a village. As part of "The Rhubarb Triangle",  Wakefield recently held a festival of food and rhubarb. This brings revenue and visitors to the area. How can this event be promoted once the fields contain houses instead of rhubarb? Wrenthorpe has always had an agricultural tradition and this can not be allowed to be destroy

Created: 2011-03-22

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 425 412
2011 401 389

CSSA - Safety Regulation and Range Officer Course in Quebec

To the CSSA Board of Directors : Good day, As shooters, hunters, and firearm owners from Quebec, wether CSSA members or potential CSSA members, we would like to present you with the following request ;   That CSSA take the necessary measures to have its own safety regulation for target shooting ranges and clubs approved by the Quebec Minister of Public Safety.   Following the approval of the safety regulation, that CSSA request the approval of its own range officer course, both in english and f

Created: 2011-06-10

Time period All countries Canada
All time 528 518
2011 400 396

Separate swimming hours at Iriat Raanana Pool

English to follow שלום לכולם הבריכה העירונית מקסימה, והשנה אף הוכפלה בגודלה ונוספו עוד שתי בריכות ענקיות במתחם. השעות לשחיה נפרדת מסתכמות בשעות מועטות נשים 15:30-19:00 גברים 19:30-23:00 ידוע לנו שבבריכות ברמת השרון ובכפר סבא יש שעות נפרדות רבות יותר מאשר ברעננה. נאמר לנו ע"י אנשי עיריה שנראה שלציבור הדתי לא ממש אכפת... אנחנו רוצים לעורר את ענין הציבור שאכפת לו ולעודד את העיריה לתת שעות נפרדות נוספות.   אם אתם בענין חתמו על העצומה כאן  תוכלו לחתום בסוף דף זה כל המשפחה יוכולים לחתום אנא שילחו מייל

Created: 2011-06-20

Time period All countries Israel
All time 384 364
2011 382 362

Save Dog Shows and Docked Breeds In Northern Ireland

New proposals from MLAs in the Northern Ireland Assembly regarding the 'docking issue' will mean the end of Northern Ireland dogs shows as we know them. They intend to bring in a complete ban on docked dogs being exhibited at any of our shows by virtue of making it illegal for 'a person to show a docked dog at an event to which exhibitors pay a fee or members of the public are admitted. ' This effectively means that it will no longer be viable to hold all breed championship shows, open shows, or

Created: 2011-01-11

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 378 239
2011 378 239

Supporting People in Bahrain

Dear Medical colleagues, Following the peaceful protests which kicked off in February 2011 in Bahrain, mounting evidence has shown that brutal force has been utilised by the army of Bahrain in order to clamp down on innocent and unarmed civilians. The ruling party has also called in troops from neighbouring countries, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to support this ruthless aggression. This has unfortunately received little attention from the media in the west. There has been

Created: 2011-03-23

Time period All countries Bahrain
All time 378 202
2011 374 202

Save Knotty Ash Nursery from closure

Due to the cuts in the budgets for Liverpool from Central Government, Liverpool City Council is proposing to close Knotty Ash Nursery. As well as denying the children support from this valuable service the staff also face losing their jobs. This vital resource is one of the last few council run nurseries in the city and provides support for a wide range of people within the area. The closure of the nursery could also lead to a reduction in the use of the Children's Centre, The MAC centre and the

Created: 2011-02-21

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 374 352
2011 374 352