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Bring back Simba Suuruitjie flavour

Petition to bring back Simba Suuruitjie Flavour Please express your desire for Simba Chips to bring out this flavour again by signing this petition.

Created: 2019-02-22 Statistics


TO: MR PRESIDENT CYRL RAMAMPHOSA We as unemployed social workers in South Africa hereby expressing our deepest concerns of remaining unemployed yet holding our qualifications. Mr President as unemployed social workers in South Africa we have reached a decision to unite across all provinces so that we communicate our deepest concerns of unemployment plight facing social workers in South Africa. Mr President, we propose your interventions to bring about effective resolutions as department of socia

Created: 2018-10-20 Statistics

SACPCMP must fall

Let us stop the wrecking ball known as the SACPCMP! We have drafted this petition with the intention of the abolishment, suspension or for a major overhaul within the SACPCMP organisation and council. We have drafted a few concerns below, which we would like noted and acted upon, as some are significant concerns, and we have listed some suggestions of how we can try and resolve these issues once and for all. 1) Many of our members have complained that they have tried calling the SACPCMP and the

Created: 2017-08-17 Statistics