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WHEN GENOCIDE BECAME "FAMINE" : IRELAND, 1845 - 1850 This petition seeks your support for a campaign to: * Persuade relevant authors, editors and website content providers to stop using the word ‘Famine’ for what took place in Ireland between 1845 and 1850, and start using terms such as, "The Great Hunger" or 'An tOcras Mór' * To call on the Government of Ireland and its Ministers, and members of all political parties to correctly call it  'An tOcras Mór' The Great Hunger. It should be signed b

Created: 2014-01-07

Time period All countries United States
All time 9480 3184
2017 436 105

Save Darren Sharpe from Foxtel Legal Action

As we all know Aussie Legend  Darren Sharpe live streamed his subscription of the Green vs Mundine fight. According to reports Foxtel now intends to take legal Action. Let's show Darren our support and sign this petition letting Foxtel know what a bunch of cunts they are!! C'mon Straya!! Stand United!!   * A Spokesperson for FOXTEL stated this a non-foxtel related issue. Yeah right!!   MAKE SURE YOU SHARE SHARE SHARE!!

Created: 2017-02-04

Time period All countries Australia
All time 434 428
2017 434 428

Mr Mountford Needs Our Support

HAYWOOD HIGH STUDENTS!!!!!!!! SIGN THIS PLEASE!!! I don't know how we go about it, but this man was a great man, was very passionate, loving and had a very charming personality as well as many other attributes. However, this man does not deserve the current treatment, just because the lads father had other issues towards the school, now he just takes it out on Mr Mountford " Matthew". I'm not sure how, but we need to start a petition. This man doesn't deserve these actions and it'll only take 2

Created: 2017-04-25

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 427 396
2017 427 396

Joostenbergvlakte Railway Road

​Have your say! Notice was given on 27 September 2017 to permanently close the gravel section of Railway Road to vehicular traffic.  This road section is situated on the western side of the railway line that cuts through Kraaifontein and Joostenbergvlakte.  Reasons stated:  For many years the gravel section was used as a convenient shortcut between the two areas as an alternative to using the N1.  *This however is NOT the only purpose of this road.  Railway road is our "safety net" in the event

Created: 2017-09-28

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 427 425
2017 427 425

Traffic Light Installation on Summit Rd & Plantation Rd Midrand

This petition created regarding the traffic hazard situation at corner Summit Rd & Plantation Rd, Blue Hills AH, in Midrand.  The situation is that when turning left onto Olifantsfontein towards the M1 freeway during pick hour traffic it is really challenging as there are cars traveling at high speed in both directions on Olifantsfontein road.  this results in some drivers making very dangerous turns into oncoming traffic and sometimes road rage.   The ward councilor has offered their assist

Created: 2017-06-20

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 417 405
2017 417 405

Safety for truckdrivers

Increasing agression and violence against truckdrivers by illegal migrants and criminal gangs around Calais and along the roads in Europe provide unsafe situations for the drivers. We demand that wecan carry out our work safely we Truckdrivers, employers relatives and anyone who uses the European highways Observe increasing aggression and violence  against drivers by illegal immigrants and criminal gangs along the highways through Europe provide unsafe situations for the driver. the drivers are

Created: 2017-08-02

Time period All countries Netherlands
All time 415 350
2017 414 349

No immigration of 25,000 refugees

     We urge the Canadian government to suspend the arrival of 25,000 immigrants from Syria. Simply for reasons of national security   Sign!         Share it!  Make a donation to support the petition

Created: 2015-11-14

Time period All countries Canada
All time 75902 74962
2017 411 382

Change the laws on sexual offenders of children in our Schools

We the parents and students of Canajoharie School District in upstate NY have been impacted by something that should never have been allowed to happen.  A level 2 registered sex offender, a PEDOPHILE, convicted of sexually harming a nine year old, was allowed to walk amongst our precious children, in their very own school. (Headstart-8 grade) Unfortunately this was allowed because of the way the law is now currently written. This man was not charged for engaging our children in conversation, wri

Created: 2017-01-26

Time period All countries United States
All time 408 405
2017 408 405

Stop the extinction of wolves in Norway!

UPDATE 2018-01-05 Norwegian: ULVENE TRENGER DIN STEMME NÅ! Norge er i gang med den største lisensslakta på ulv på 40 år! 16 av 16 ulv er allerede skutt i Julussa- og Osdalsreviret hittil i år. I tillegg kan 26 ulv til skytes. Ulvens Dag skal til Klima- og Miljødepartementet torsdag 11. januar og vi trenger så mange underskrifter som mulig! Sammen med Naturvernforbundet, WWF, NOAH og Foreningen Våre Rovdyr skal vi vise regjeringen at folk flest vil ha ulv i norsk natur!   Samtidig pågår en retts

Created: 2016-05-22

Time period All countries Norway
All time 91393 65349
2017 404 175

Mayor Masina reroute the Eskom pylons planned for Alberton

The residents, business sector and affected land owners in Alberton, hereby call on the Mayor of the City of Ekurhuleni Cllr. Mzandile Masina and MEC for Infrastructure Development: MPL Nandi Mayathula-Khoza for action to amend the alignment of the proposed Eskom High Power lines (2x400 kV) from Matla to Jupiter through the Alberton Central Area due to:  The concentration of people in close proximity to the pylons and power lines.  The danger of high power lines to human life, health and the nat

Created: 2017-01-31

Time period All countries South Africa
All time 403 401
2017 403 401

Stop housing developments - Green Belt, Walton on Thames, Surrey

We are strongly opposed to any plans for housing development on Green Belt land in Walton.  The Drake Park application was UNANIMOUSLY refused by 19 committee members at Elmbridge Council.  That decision should be respected and upheld in the case of Drake Park and any similar application.  Walton is already overpopulated and our Green Belt must be preserved. The developer has issued an Appeal for Drake Park. Our battle therefore continues against this and any future ill-conceived developments. N

Created: 2017-04-17

Time period All countries United Kingdom
All time 396 389
2017 393 385