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Замоскворецкий суд Москвы приговорил мецената  Левона Айрапетяна к 4 годам заключения в колонии общего режима. Патриот Арцаха Айрапетян обвиняется в присвоении 700 тысяч долларов, взятых путем мошенничества у матери экс-сенатора от Башкирии Игоря Изместьева. Мы сейчас не будем вдаваться в подробности обвинения, доказывать, что Айрапетян не виновен. Речь не об этом. Сейчас нужно думать о ФИЗИЧЕСКОМ...
10 466 10 467 FreeTaTaloo
كمپين حمایت از اميرحسين مقصودلو و تلاش براي گرفتن مجوز و فعاليت هنري امير در ايران  همه كساني ك امضا ميكنن حتما عضو کانال بشن طرفداراي واقعي بايد تفكيك بشن وما اين امانت رو به امير خواهيم رسوند
10 231 10 525 Open letter to the Prime Minister and the Government of the Republic of Poland
Premier Rządu RP Beata Szydło Kancelaria Prezesa Rady Ministrów Aleje Ujazdowskie 1/3, 00-583 Warszawa fax: +48 (22) 694 70 53, e-mail:   Open letter to the Prime Minister and the Government of the Republic of Poland   I support the Bill on Farmer's Food Sales and the change of other connected acts:$file/8-020-67-2016....
10 231 10 525 Alarm - brońmy dobrej żywności
Premier Rządu RP Beata Szydło Kancelaria Prezesa Rady Ministrów Aleje Ujazdowskie 1/3, 00-583 Warszawa fax: +48 (22) 694 70 53, e-mail: List otwarty do Premiera i Rządu RP   Popieram Projekt ustawy o sprzedaży żywności przez rolników oraz zmianie niektórych innych ustaw:$file/8-020-67-2016.pdf Stwarza on warunki do sprz...
9 024 9 024 Let's save Konepajan Bruno! (Closed)
Sign the address and help Konepajan Bruno to stay in it’s current form as a urban culture oasis instead of being turned into a hardware store! Architect Bruno Granholm’s late 19th century designed Konepajan Bruno was relaunched a year ago for fleamarket and event purposes. A group of producers joined the fold this summer, who helped to liven up Bruno’s summer weekends with food, drinks, bands, cl...
9 024 9 024 Pelastetaan Konepajan Bruno! (Closed)
Allekirjoita adressi ja auta Konepajan Brunoa pysymään sen nykyisessä muodossa urbaanina kulttuurikeitaana rautakaupan sijaan! Arkkitehti Bruno Granholmin 1800-luvun lopussa piirtämä VR:n Pasilan konepajan kokoonpanohalli otettiin noin vuosi sitten kirpputori- ja tapahtumakäyttöön. Tänä kesänä mukaan tuli joukko tuottajia, jotka auttoivat elävöittämään Konepajan kesäviikonloppujen toimintaa tuomal...
8 426 8 434 Save teddy from being put down
Teddy bear is a loving and caring american bulldog who was taken from his home on friday illegally by the police under the dangerous dog act and will be put down this Thursday if he doesn't pass his behaviour test (bare in mind what dog would listen to a complete stranger in a strange environment instead of his owner ) ,he is not just a dog but a sentient mind, he is a gentle soul who is much a pa...
8 332 9 372 Stop the planned implementation of HOFO on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (Closed)
European Aviation Safety Agency(EASA) has developed a set of new common European regulations for helicopter operations offshore. The new regulations will put Norwegian authorities under pressure to open the Norwegian continental shelf for operators from other countries. Helicopter companies operating on the Norwegian Continental Shelf today, are approved and controlled by the Norwegian authoritie...
8 332 9 372 Nei til nytt felleseuropeisk regelverk for offshore helikopter! (Closed)
Luftfartsmyndighetene i EU (EASA) har utviklet et nytt felleseuropeisk regelverk for helikopteroperasjoner offshore. Det nye regelverket vil sette norske myndigheter under press, for å åpne den norske kontinentalsokkelen for operatører fra andre land. Helikopterselskapene som flyr på norsk kontinentalsokkel i dag, er godkjent og kontrolleres av norske myndigheter. Hvis det nye regelverket innføres...
7 258 7 264 Waterpolo, also for girls!
  The Board of Directors of the Royal Belgian Swimming Federation, wants to get rid of mixed youth teams for children between 11 and 18 years old. The reason behind this decission is the "integrity" of the girls. The Board fears any possible "irregularities" towards girls in the changing rooms, or in the swimming pool.   For girls who choose to play waterpolo, this means they won't be able to pla...